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Discovery Point is a 5-star rated, award-winning ship and museum run by Dundee Heritage Trust. We aim to interpret the history of RRS Discovery, from her building in Dundee for the British National Antarctic Expedition of 1901–1904, led by Captain Robert Falcon Scott, to her service on three other Antarctic expeditions and her later years as a Sea Scout training vessel. The displays cover the shipbuilding and whaling heritage of Dundee, the heroic story of the men who served on board Discovery, and the value of the exploration and scientific work undertaken by her. We also look at Antarctic exploration in general, highlighting other famous expeditions.

Our polar collections (which may be viewed online) are recognised by the Scottish Government as ‘Collections of National Significance’ and range from navigational instruments and scientific specimens collected on the ship’s expeditions to personal objects which vividly represent daily life for polar explorers.

Highlights include Captain Scott’s wooden snow goggles and pipe, man and dog harnesses, fine quality expedition crockery from the officers’ wardroom, some of the original food rations, and games for amusement during the long, dark Antarctic winters. Not to mention the ship itself, where you can follow the footsteps of Captain Scott and his men on board Discovery exploring both above and below decks!

Further information on ticket prices, exhibitions and events can be found on our website.

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