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The University of Dundee’s Zoology Museum was originally founded in the 1880s by D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson, Professor of Biology and Natural History from 1885 to 1917. He is best known today for his extraordinary book On Growth and Form. A groundbreaking investigation into the growth of organisms, it pioneered the science of mathematical biology, and continues to influence scientists, artists and architects today.

Because of their use in teaching, the collections are unusual in containing examples from all the divisions of animal life: from D’Arcy’s original microscope to a Giant Spider Crab, the museum has an amazing range of specimens on show. There are also displays about D’Arcy himself, his interest in conservation and biodiversity, his far-flung expeditions and his links to the Dundee whalers. Whether your interest is in science, art or natural design, you will find inspiration here, just as D’Arcy Thompson himself was inspired by the form and function of living organisms.

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